Register and Play Togel Online. togel5star.coms gives easy access to various games through legitimate houses that will deal with betting, payment and withdraw. The popular number guessing game togel was once done with pieces of paper, pen, some simple guide books and maybe one or two phone calls. Now, like many other betting games, togel can be played through websites, in which you must register online and make account before being able to play online. With online system, you can play casually from your own cell phone or laptop, and transaction can be done with several clicks. How to Register Registering for online togel is as easy as other popular betting games; you first must visit togel house website that you trust. The method is usually choosing the house you want to play in, filing the online form and waiting for approval process (which is usually not long). You must also fill in information about your bank account and name of the account holder, and make sure you can do account transfer, e-banking transfer or SMS banking, which is very important for smooth transaction. You can use username to play at togel house, but make sure the name on bank account information is the exact same as your name on the required form. Also, you cannot use username that somebody else already had; failure to fulfill these requirements will make the house to reject your application, and there will be problem in future transaction if you skip the important step. How to Do Transaction Transaction can only be done if you register with the right and most current bank account, with similar name with the one you write on the form. Once you choose the house, make your bet and transfer the money using e-banking facility or SMS banking for more practical transaction. You are not suggested to use direct bank transfer; using ATM is more preferable. The information about togel bet deposit (success or failed) will be displayed in private message or your email.