Easy Number Guessing in Togel Game / Prediksi Togel. Togel number guessing or Prediksi Togel is a lottery like game with lots of winning possibility and excitement in guessing the numbers. The most popular lottery game in Asian countries, togel is a type of number guessing game with many variations. With such easy rules in guessing the numbers, you too can try to win some cash every day in many number-guessing websites. If you love Asian betting games but do not want to play something difficult or have huge risks, the most basic togel game is your option. How to Guess Numbers in Togel This game is like Lotto; you guess several numbers, and when the result is out, you can get money if you can get two numbers, three numbers and all four numbers; the game is referred as 4D, 3D and 2D. This game is very popular in several countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Philippine, and Laos. With easy methods and daily play opportunities, you too can try your luck in this number guessing game. The game is super easy; for example, if the winning number is 5432, you will win some cash if you can guess the 54 (2D), 543 (3D), and 5432 (4D); the more numbers you guess correctly, the bigger your winning cash. No wonder this game attracts many betting game lovers. If you want to try winning some cash in casual betting games without complicated formula or rules, this is the game you need. Can You Win Big? Basically, the cash you will receive depends on the amount of cash being bet. Naturally, the more numbers you guess, the bigger percentage and bonus you can get. For example, if you guess two numbers correct, you get around 27-28% of the winning cash. If you guess three numbers, you may get around 58-59%. If you guess all numbers correctly, you even can get more than 65% and maybe some extra cash if you bet on special betting days according to the rules of prediksi togel house.